Finvolv Democratizes
Digital Origination System

Finvolv Digital Origination System is
What the Financial Sector Uses to
Streamline the Automation of New,
Existing Loan & Mortgage Journeys

Finvolv Digital Origination System provides automated and improved credit decisioning over
the digital lending marketplace. The system provides users a seamless, easy to integrate,
and highly secure mode of operation that aligns with multiple geographies’ requirements
and guidelines.

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Why Do You Need
Finvolv DOS?

Our end to end Digital Origination System automates the entire loan journey on an omnichannel
level. We make everything from workflow management, credit decisioning, and version control to user
management simple.

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Encode basic eligibility checks in the workflows

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Build eligibility models, scorecards

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Test credit models

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Automate communication flow

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Trigger CDD and KYC

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Retrigger Credit Bureau check

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Create champion-challenger risk models

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Handle deviations seamlessly

Salient Features That
Power Finvolv DOS

Finvolv digital origination system is packed with features that make the end-to-end loan
journey omnichannel and easy to manage.

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Digital First Origination

Finvolv digitalizes every facet of the Digital Origination System. It comes with in-platform APIs for journeys, credit engine, while building an omnichannel consumer interface.



The feasibility of mobile experience makes it easy to change workflow, maintain the device, push out notifications, and use the same engine to supercharge different loan products.

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The system comes with a drag and drop interface orchestrating customer journey and back office process flows. Moreover, you get the ability to service basic eligibility checks.

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Automated and improved credit decisioning

With the Digital Origination System, users can run workflow eligibility checks, build assessment models, automate communication between internal users, and handle deviations.


Process Simulation and Optimization (QPB Simulator)

The system eases analysis of business processes performance, run cost optimization on loan journeys, and build, backtest continuous iterations in process flow.


Turnaround Time Reduction/Automation

With Finvolv DOS the process of monitoring multi-activities turnaround time becomes convenient. It offers real-time validations and gives users the ability to handle multi loan products, languages, and users.

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User and Master Management

Using the Digital Origination System users can manage roles and hierarchy, assign regions to field agents, become capable of creating user roles, configuring different privileges, and defining authorizations.

multi currency

ISO, Multilingual and Multi-Currency

Users get the capability to build forms and interfaces that support multiple Indian and global languages, currencies.


Configurability and Version Control

The system eases workflow creation for consumer facing interfaces, modification of fields, and addition of configurable assignment. It also makes implementation and testing of credit policies on-the-fly.

We Work With the
Top Fintech Players

We work alongside banks, fintechs, and financial enterprises that keep the
future at the centre of everything.

We created Singapore’s 1st Digital-First Business Banking Product to
reflect an 85% Reduction in Processing Time and Overall Reduction in
TAT from 2 weeks to 1 Day.

Awarded By the World’s Top
Analyst Firms

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Awarded the Best Solution in Technology Category by The Economic Times and Recognized by KPMG

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Recognized as an Innovator in ‘emerging category’ in Aite Commercial Loan Origination Matrix and also honoured David Award

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Recognized by IBS Intelligence as one of the leading vendor in Back Office Systems & Suppliers

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Recognized by The Economic Times & Deloitte as the winner in ‘Technology Category’

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Mentioned by Gartner as a CATALYST that helps financial firms compete in FinTech Market

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Recognised by Forrester in their report “Now Tech: Digital Decisioning Platforms”

Would you like to simplify your
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