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Our Vision:
Democratize Fintech

To enable sustainable digital evolution for Financial Enterprises and
become a partner of every Financial Institution who embraces the
journey towards rapid digitalization.

The Innovation Team
Powering Fintech Era

Finvolv is the solution provider for the global financial technology companies
and banks. We are continuously building platforms for banks, unicorns, and
digital-first fintechs to build scalable products, fast.


Since our beginning, we have helped over 10,000+ Fintechs and financial
enterprises completely digitalize loan journeys, better the integrations, and
expedite their entry into the fast evolving fintech market.

Our Products

We help engineer and scale digital financial products, acquire new customers,
and increase CLV - all with a micro-configurable, API-driven platform.


Loan Management
System - LMS

World’s first low code, micro configurable LMS. Flexible, web scale and deployed across Banks, NBFCs and Fintechs.



API hub to onboard, manage and integrate APIs within your products. Enabled Embedded marketplace for all Financial APIs.

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Digital Origination System - DOS

Get a high degree of control and flexibility on your loan products through complete automation and digitalization.

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Management System

Embedded finance ready, low code and omnichannel digital origination system. Create and evolve loan products faster than anyone else.


Management System

Get access to configurable collection strategies and processes that come with seamless integration to core banking systems and communication modules.

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Lending Analytics

Get role-based access and executive dashboards for running historical analytics, getting demographic information, and creating reports.

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